The Very Center – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Peace – RDP Saturday


Photo: the Moore River at the rear of New Norcia monastery.

The Very Center

The trickster offers it with a flourish
bargained as something for our time,
but it came with Zyklon B
and piles of childrens shoes,
it was so eerie
but then,
evil takes your breath away,
it comes with napalm
cluster bombs
and starvation,
the guns eventually silenced
but there was no peace
not even in the cathedrals or temples
or the consumption of techniques
could I find it,
sure, I read a book or two,
met a guru,
sat with the sacred,
then the day dawned where
I saw peace in all its beauty,
where its friend stillness habited
the midst of the eye of my storm,
and the very center
was how I was
as much as where
never who,
but it helps to smell
the eucalypts and feel the sandstone,
touch the water,
and just sit
while the winds of life
rage all around me,
and there it is.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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28 responses to “The Very Center – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Finding inner peace…well composed.

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  2. So profound and absolutely beautiful! ❤

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  3. “I saw peace in all its beauty where its friend stillness habited” … exquisitely expressed …
    interesting there is a similar theme in our posts.

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  4. There’s peace indeed! So eloquently penned, Paul!

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  5. I search for that place every day, but it becomes more and more elusive. Good poem, Paul.

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  6. So true Paul. Without inner peace no one can create peace outside. Best wishes, Michael

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  7. Sorry Paul have to revisit later. There are once again some difficulties with the buttons. ;-(

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  8. lync56

    Wow powerful poem – amazing


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