The Wall – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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The Wall

The wall,
amalgam of clay and fire
stands boldly,
but time smiles benignly
knowing full well that it must
eventually give way
frittering and fretting
as washed by life,
a softness so strong
it has no need of that
calloused skin.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Fret refers to a number of things – worry, to be consumed, and to be worn down. It was an old masons term for the deterioration of bricks.



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52 responses to “The Wall – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I love where your work takes me in my mind. You paint wonderful word art. I feel it. 🙂

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  2. “a softness so strong, there is no need…” what a great line in a great poem

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  3. The image of time smiling benignly on a wall made me smile at your quadrille, Paul, but I felt a tinge of sadness that it must eventually give way ‘frittering and fretting as washed by life’ – beautifully put.


  4. Besutiful Paul – rich and elegant!

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  5. The personification of time is a beautiful picture. 😉

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  6. I’ve known quite a few of those walls. Lovely poem.

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  7. And this made me think that when we fret too much, we wear ourselves away,
    much like bricks.

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  8. Brilliant writing – “but time smiles benignly
    knowing full well that it must eventually give way
    slowly,” – this line is so true to life, and the purpose of walls to keep others out or keep others in?

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  9. Will it have Trump’s name on it?

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  10. Beautiful words that made me ponder on the walls built inside the mind. They, too, are washed by life, revealing and a softness so strong.

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  11. This is beautiful, Paul. Please don’t laugh but I remember my father with your poem.

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  12. What a lovely piece Paul.

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  13. Love the contrasts here – how softness can evolve from strength (or hardness in the case of the wall.) Great image too.

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  14. I love the thought of the wall wearing down as a metaphor for life.

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  15. The texturing of life comes through in this.

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  16. This is lovely.
    I could imagine a soft face of a gandpa.

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  17. Lovely analogy, we should learn from this wall 🙂

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  18. Love the soft strength. Everything we do will crumble. We may get some words to endure…

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  19. The contrasts teach us so much! Beautiful …

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  20. lync56

    I love this image created by our words there is so many layers of deep meaning to be gleaned here


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  21. Great words of maturity. The sort of thoughts you come to realize after a few decades. I love the photo too!


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