The Nightwatchman – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Bjorn at dVerse has invited us to the challenge of a 144 word prose piece.




The Nightwatchman

The village nightwatchman Dalmar was sitting at the crossroads, an auspicious place to be at that point in his life, on that evening. His neighbour Korfa appeared, which was not uncommon as they shared the role over the days, and company was helpful in defeating those drowsy spells into the long, lonely night. Naturally conversation turned from village life to family. And, as these things go, past the pleasantries about the elders and the movements of different ones in the coming days, conversation turned to the very matters at hand. Korfa enquired after Amina, Dalmar’s wife, and the progress with her pregnancy. “Well, any day now” laughed Dalmar, when, far away, an interrupted cry filled the night as the sound of a new born’s sucking lungs pierced the air. Korfa turned to Dalmar, but he was already running.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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36 responses to “The Nightwatchman – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. An eternal, universal moment, played out millions and billions of times throughout human existence…

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  2. All right,now you MUST continue, I’m intrigued. : )

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  3. Paul, I loved how you made the interrupted cry within earshot. I was trying to write mine in a way Lita heard the interrupted cry but wasn’t able to pull it off.

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  4. Short and simple, and somehow I loved it! Made me smile … thanks!

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  5. Reading the first two lines … I’d love to know which direction did he run? 🙂

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  6. A powerful piece, Paul. Flash fiction – or the beginning of a longer story?


  7. Nature at its best.


  8. Wonderful story! A very lovely read. Michael

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  9. I do love this story… tells so much of a happy moment… i just hope all is well as the family grows. Wonderful an natural relationship that only good neighbors can have.

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  10. Oh, such a blissful moment weaves in your beautiful word Paul. Seems like you have a flair of writing flash fiction too. Yay!! good for us readers.

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  11. lync56

    I love this – drew me right in and felt like I was there


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  12. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    descriptive and sweetly emotional.

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