The Lines They See – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Anomaly – VJs Weekly Challenge



The Lines They See

I leaned against a friend the other day,
they shook their leaves in welcome
though it may have been the breeze,
and we looked out at all before us and
noticed how people seemed to love
variety and creativity,
yet lived stultified in a gridded lock
like a mangled paste tube
all squeezed out,
with nothing left but
lines to follow in fruitless purchase
of who knows what,
frowning on those who live outside
the lines they see,
not realising that the
irregularities they fear to indulge
are in truth,
the very life that nurtures.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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37 responses to “The Lines They See – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Draw outside the lines!!

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  2. Beauty and truth here. Felt as if I was leaning against that tree with you, looking down on the rat race – saw myself in younger years – so lucky now to have been given a different perspective.

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  4. 🙂 Great poem!
    There are a lot of mangled paste tubes on this side of the planet.

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  5. lync56

    Wow I love this poem – so true and so beautifully crafted speaking my thoughts too


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  6. I love the opening lines. And, yes.

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  7. We need more of those friends to lean against!

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  8. I love this, Paul! ”not realising that the
irregularities they fear to indulge
are in truth,
the very life that nurtures.”

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  9. Very thoughtful Paul! Thank you for sharing! Michael

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  10. Nice poem. I don’t see people who conform as you do however. I am very conforming as a Christian; however, being a Christian is a non-conformist now-a-days it seem. You are a good poet. 😀

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    • Yes, I believe we are called to be counter-cultural, but sadly we have many among us who have ignored the core of love in my view. Thank you so much Oneta. 🙂

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      • It does seem that Christians are too easily intimidated. The commentary of the “world” is that we are free to believe what we want to but keep it to ourselves, or homes, or churches. We are not very bold. However, I find many Christians who are serving in many insignificant ways – insignificant to the world’s standards but not to Christ. I guess I understand better now that I have more flexible time. Young and middle-age families are “cumbered about with many cares.” And it is right that the family unit cares for itself. What do you like to be called? PV, okay?

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      • I prefer Paul 🙂 and thank you for reflecting back on this.

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  11. Such truth in these lines “irregularities they fear to indulge
    are in truth,
    the very life that nurtures.”

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  12. Nailed it, my sentiments exactly … you say it better!

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  13. was a beautiful poem Paul. With age comes wisdom. What was once so important is now just nonsense.

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