Only Onwards – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Chase – RDP Monday




Only Onwards

We ran through the leaves
as time ran through us,
together we laughed
as we took turns
one after the other
ever forwards,
no shoulder glances
to fix regret,
only onwards
like moths
towards the light
that has burned
since the beginning,
lighting our way
and ever waiting
for us to land.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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39 responses to “Only Onwards – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So well penned, Paul. A couple of lines stand out for me: “We ran through the leaves, as time ran through us” and “no shoulder glances to fix regret”.

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  2. “only onwards”…sounds idyllic.

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  3. Gorgeous! And, if only life and love was so linear! I seem to have my seat belt on, most of the time!

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  4. Charlene

    I have nominated you for the sunshine blogger award. Do not feel obligated to play along. I just want to stop by and share the love and appreciation.

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  5. Beautiful, and the mental image of running through leaves takes me back about 60 years to a time when I had my life ahead of me and nothing to distract me from running through the leaves in autumn.

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  6. loved the imagery Paul

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  7. lync56

    Beautiful – very true – we have


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  8. Delightful poem, Paul!

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  9. So timely and beautiful! One to have handy, always reminding and encouraging.

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  10. Very narrative lines. I loved it a lot

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