Not Finished – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo:  The surface of Mars.

The irony is, but of course, that there are plans to colonise Mars at enormous cost to study its physical qualities, albeit, why it is uninhabitable. One of my private and sobering fantasies, is that we were already there and have wrecked it!


Not Finished

Like gluttons
we landed in paradise
and stripped it bare,
then we spied another
called earth,
we’re not finished yet
but we’re nearly done.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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66 responses to “Not Finished – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Yes, we are nearly done . . . sadly we don’t seem to care.

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  2. A sad path we are on. Very well expressed.

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  3. That may be.. reminds me of an old bumper sticker here in the PNW. Earth First—we can log the other planets later. That is the way of the world.

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  4. Yes, almost done, depressingly.

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  5. ooh like the bite in this one!

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  6. I like your theory about Mars. Yes, we’ve finally made it to the last inhabitable planet and we’re doing our best to destroy it. We live in a paradise here in America, but too many of us don’t appreciate it or care about what will be left for future generations. All the farm land in our area is being consumed by housing developers. First, they cut down all the trees…. Too many government officials and corporate decision makers have no regard for nature or how humans depend upon it for our survival.

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    • Yes, we’re doing slightly better, but coal and uranium mining is an issue and forestry, and looking to India and China along with Northern Europe who are pushing rapidly into renewables, it shows we are so far behind.


  7. Paul, this one really packs a punch.

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  8. Amy

    …we’re nearly done. So sad and frightening.

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  9. This is a very powerful poem, Paul.

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  10. Interesting thoughts all of them.

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  11. I hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking of signing up for a Mars expedition, but I decided that would still be too many people.

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  12. that is not as far fetched as it may seem, i feel humans destroy more than they create, we are bent on conquering not edifying

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  13. What about sending at first our politicans to build a government there. They are the experts. If its all read we can decide heading over too. 😉 Best wishes, Michael


  14. Astute – last two lines sum it up precisely.

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  15. A great verse and a clever preconception.

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  16. Good one, Paul! Tragically true. Not enough are waking up and caring.

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  17. lync56

    Wow love this poem – intriguing theory – I hadn’t thought of it that way but yes I wonder – totally agree


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  18. Don’t give up hope! Did you ever see the vid series with Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra at the Human Forum? It’s so inspiring. There are four vids. First is here:

    “All the chaos, all the destruction, all the degradation, all the social injustice, that’s the nutritive soup. That’s the nutritive soup that’s being born of the dying carcass of the old paradigm. And we are the imaginal cells and there are many imaginal cells all over the world. And now we have the means to connect with each other and create that critical mass so that the butterfly can be born.” (2:52, Part 4).

    The poets, writers, teachers, voices that reach beyond on our mind — we’re the imaginal cells that tell the story of this birth. We write the next step together.


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  19. I liked the concept of your poem but remain optimistic. Destruction still outstrips creation, but there are creative forces; there are improvements; there are people, such as yourself, trying to make us more aware.

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