Who? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Ghazal – dVerse Poetry – Poetry Form

The invitation at dVerse is to write a Ghazal, you can learn more by following the link above.



Pale wings of the ibis so translucent in the light,
who of the gods opened the heavens to light?

No mist in the morning, the warmth means rain,
who closed the windows shuttering all light?

The tavern was crowded with the usual faces,
their sorrows drowned though the beer light.

Canine telegraphs excite across the valley,
who called through the dimming light?

And I, Paul, am surprised tonight,
a wisp of lace, my beloved so light.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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57 responses to “Who? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Wow! wonderful writing… so nice of you 🌷🙏🌷🙏🌷🙏🙏🌷

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  2. Beautiful !!!!!!

    “And I, Paul, am surprised tonight,
    a wisp of lace, my beloved so light.” love it!

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  3. ghazals are difficult. Well done. I wrote one for school back in 2013… maybe I should repost it.

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  4. Muntazir

    Beautifully structured. Well penned.

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  5. Fantastic ghazal Paul.

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  6. I love that sudden change in meaning of the word “light” at the end. Nice use of the form here.

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  7. Nicely done ghazal, Paul.

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  8. I like especially how you describe the sad tavern here, and how in the end you find the light …

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  9. Spot on! I think you not only captured the spirit of the ghazal and its form requirements, you made yours unique, and stamped it as yours. It was a delight to read. Well done!

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    • Many thanks Gay, I appreciate those encouraging words, I really enjoyed coming to grips with what the form was, a delightful break-out for me.. On a different note – we share the same surname 🙂


  10. oh ever so sweet “canine telegraphs” … you’ve mastered this form first go 🙂

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  11. Well done! You’ve introduced me to a new form, something to play with!

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  12. You’ve captured the poignancy inherent in a ghazal, and beautifully, too.

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  13. I so admire the concluding couplet with your name and turn to the light.

    Thanks for participating in our Poetry Form challenge.

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  14. These beautiful poems just seem to roll off your fingertips, whereas I struggle for hours to come up with “There was an old lady from …” 😉

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  15. This is so good — the refrain is perfect in this telling. I loved the first couplet and how it sets the tone along with a striking image of this light.
    This is my favourite bit:
    “The tavern was crowded with the usual faces,
    their sorrows drowned though the beer light.”

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  16. This is a lovely ghazal. I like how you changed the meaning of light throughout–I particularly like the last couplet.

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  17. So lovely. All those unanswered questions except one – your beloved. Very tender.

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  18. Lovely in all sorts of ways.

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  19. lync56

    Interesting and enticingly clever


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  20. Love the “beer light” idea.

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  21. Very nice Paul. It is always great to be surprised with a light and happy ending!

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  22. This can be a form that devolves couplets into solitary statements but yours flows and has life, well done!

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  23. Enjoyed this. The quality of the light changing throughout the poem worked really well.

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  24. Amazing poem, Paul! I was in love it when I read the first line!

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