Redeemed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Ekphrastic Poems – dVerse Poets – Mary Frances


Art Work: Mary Frances via dVerse Poets.



A road of bones
this skull and leaves
dry and brittle under foot,
yet life appears
summoned from beyond,
caring not for our trivial days,
you bring a message of repair
to less despair of dying trees,
as you lie in state
amidst their aged fruit,
to look to better days
of green and life,
but you care not to stay
you’ve said your piece,
and so you fade before me,
amidst that tragic fruit,

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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22 responses to “Redeemed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Do you think we would treat the world better if we could see nature’s face? I like this poem a lot – the last two lines are stunning. Thank you for sharing this one.

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  2. This is absolutely brilliant.I loved the way you have around the prompt. Totally justifies it.

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  3. Nice lines: “yet life appears
    summoned from beyond,”

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  4. I often see faces in trees, clouds and stones. I think nature does try to speak to us and show us visions for just a moment until the vision fades into what was…

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  5. To face her fading takes bravery… maybe most of us lack that.

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  6. Nature is alive, we don’t always recignize its different faces… love tge closing two lines Paul!

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  7. Paul- this is fantastic. and as others have said, those last two lines…stunning.

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  8. Signs in nature. I happen to be a believer. Enjoyed this!


  9. Love it Paul! Deep and important thoughts. Michael

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  10. lync56

    Mmmm deep


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