Madame Smiled – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“They call me a tyrant … one arrives at a tyrant’s throne by the help of scoundrels … What faction do I belong to? You yourselves. What is that faction which, since the revolution began, has crushed the factions and swept away hireling traitors? It is you, it is the people, it is the the principles of the Revolution …”   Maxilien Robespierre’ last speech to the Convention in 1794.”


Madame Smiled

Maximilien smiled,
such cherubic cheeks,
as baskets filled while
terror reigned
slice by slice
to the cheers of the
First Estate
Madame could eat no more,
Public Safety now redundant
Madame smiled and chose
Maximilien for her rich
a cut above.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Maximilien Robespierre, was the primary (though not the sole) architect of the Reign of Terror 1792 – 94 (though often disputed). The Terror produced 16.593 “official’ deaths! Madame refers to Madame Guillotine – a colloquial term. The Terror ended with the execution of its primary architect, irony indeed!



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37 responses to “Madame Smiled – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Muntazir

    Indeed, ironical

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  2. I too love the irony of this , wonderful!

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  3. Excellent! Cuts right through.

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  4. Justice, finally served.

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  5. An interesting and terrifying period in history, Paul, and a nice dose of irony. The guillotine’s smile is not a pleasant image, neither are the baskets filling slice by slice. The last line is a gem!

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  6. One can never be sure of what might happen next.

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  7. At least it came to an end… what a great slice of history, though the baskets filled is a terrifying thought.

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  8. Amazing! Your poem is perfection. I’m definitely interested in reading your future posts.

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  9. MNL

    I didn’t know Robespierre was the last one killed although truth to tell I only knew general bits of that revolution. “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind.

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  10. I didn’t know, or had forgotten that he was the last. Your double meaning of your last line is perfect. Oh, the irony (slices deeply).

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  11. Darkly funny, Paul! Great read 🙂

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  12. I like your take on this prompt. Nice poem describing a horrid time in history.

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  13. It was my pleasure to read thank you for sharing and following our block thank you


  14. I am glad I was not alive at that time in history, anywhere.

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  15. lync56

    Well written Macabre


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