To Let It Go – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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To Let It Go

To let it go
a wrench of the self
that old school book
an identity so dull now
so precious then,
is it that I yearn for what was,
all I could be,
or, is it that I am less settled now
in my certainty?

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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35 responses to “To Let It Go – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I like the sense of being less settled in certainty.

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  2. Nice one there Paul! I really like the ending.

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  3. The last two lines resonate …

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  4. This is such an excellent description of the feelings of letting go.

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  5. I think its both Paul, to some degree. The older we get the more we realize how little we know, and how foolish our belief we are somehow in control – the dominion falacy. For some it is unsettling, but it can be freeing to shed the false mantle of control. We need to adapt a stance of balabce, cooperation, going with tge fliw, humility in nature… need to find our place in tge great big world.

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  6. Ah the certainty of youth, there was something freeing about that, maybe it was naivete yet sometimes it would be nice to have that back…just sometimes…

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  7. All part of our journey of discovering and learning ourself. I like the ending lines.

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  8. A nostalgic gem. I feel that way myself. 🙂

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  9. Letting go helps us to settle in uncertainity.

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  10. Once it was easy… you only had to read the books… now I find contradictions everywhere….

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  11. I sense it is all part of a process that we go through, where we have to go through the times of certainty to experience how that does or doesn’t work for us, then maybe reach a conclusion that we don’t know much at or, or if we do, it’s not that important. I think I don’t want to let loose of it because it is what grounds me, even if that ground is shaky. Thank you for your thought provoking poem.

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  12. Just nine concise lines to say so much…This is my new favorite poem to ponder. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. lync56

    Yes I resonate with this poem


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