Friends – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Wandoo tress at Mt. Observation, Mundaring, W.A. just on the boundary between Northam and York. This forms part of the Wandoo National Park and forest reserve in the Darling Range.



The Wandoo tree touched me,
it sent a leaf
which spiralled from so high,
slowly descending
on the warm air
and finally,
it caressed my cheek,
we were hardly close before
but in that moment
there was a knowing and
the Wandoo tree and I were friends.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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31 responses to “Friends – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautiful spot, Paul! Can’t have too many friends like that.

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  2. Trees and books. Best kind of friends! Can’t have too many of them.

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  3. Beautiful scenery, Paul.

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  4. The best friend one can ever have!

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  5. Vincent Cannon looks beautiful as was your poem Paul!

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  6. So many wonderful trees in the world…what calmness they lend. I enjoy seeing the trees and landscapes in your neck of the woods.😊

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  7. It makes one wonder, and so that makes your poem wondrous.

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  8. This was an absolutely beautiful post.

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  9. Nature always shows its love.A touching poem, Paul

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  10. 🙂 Cool piece!
    I once was very close to an Oak tree (but she left me for a regal Birch).

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  11. Great and very wise friends.

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  12. I appreciate this sentiment

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  13. I am so happy to read you! Thank you Paul!


  14. lync56



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