That To Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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That To Love

Ologies and osophies abound
like turgid solipsisms
clouding the mind,
I am this and this is mine,
lines and banners
scowl and grimace,
but there is one thing
above all,
to love others as
you would of yourself
that golden rule
a crown of the heart
that ever expands,
as Hubble once showed,
or that the One is
ever becoming,
a similar plane
underpinned by
an unconditional
outward gifting
of love,
of self
the beauty of when
theory becomes practice.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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40 responses to “That To Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Inspiring poem Paul. “Theory becomes practice”

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  2. Well stated. You keep writing better and better poems.

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  3. Lovely thoughts, indeed. Thank you!

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  4. All the rules have issues too
    Be it the Golden rule or Silver rule
    or even the Platinum rule.
    See my post here, if interested.

    Unconditional love is hard and rare,
    hell, I’d settle for a little more selfish love in the world.

    And to heck with theory, I’ll measure the practice. As you sort of said.

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  5. If more practiced, rather than preached, we’d have a better place.

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  6. Living in balance with the world around you is unconditional love, Humans are terrible at that. Love the sentiment here Paul…!

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  7. Loved the opening lines, Paul.

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  8. Walk the talk portrayed

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  9. hear the procrastination … we must all live it now!
    Well said but see little commitment to living it!
    [you are, meaning in general]

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  10. Expansive is what we need, but too many of us expand in the way you described – turgid – in a selfish way.

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  11. I think that too… there are those theories that has to be followed by practice… too many forget that.

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  12. lync56

    Wow great poem – I need a dictionary though


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  13. Yessssss!!!! So beautiful! That’s right! The greatest command God gave us after to love Him first! ❤ I love this piece. Blessings!

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