Nature’s Gift

dVerse Poets – Haibun Monday – That Picnic


Photo: Walyunga National Park.



A short drive to Walyunga for early spring to see white water and take a trail walk. Backpacks filled with thermos, lunch, and picnic blanket. We find a quiet space and sit to wonder at the water flowing past and spring’s evidence everywhere.

Time was nature’s gift
inhibitions flew away,
heron were calling




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43 responses to “Nature’s Gift

  1. You captured the magic of the moment perfectly 🙂

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  2. Haiku really captures rage serenity.

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  3. a picnic i would enjoy very much too, there is serenity in this haibun. time is a gift, yet we are so undeserving, we must value it, your haiku is excellent Paul, thank you!

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  4. Beautiful. I would love picnic.

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  5. So serene, wonderful!

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  6. Beverly Crawford

    I had to check wise old Google to discover Walyunga National Park is in Australia. What a beautiful spot for a picnic and a feast of nature’s wonders as well.

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  7. “Inhibitions flew away” — part of the story missing? Smile. Fun

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  8. Sounds like a serene spot to reflect as well as let go of inhibitions. Fabulous!

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  9. I like the calling heron at the end. Picnics and trails go together.

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  10. lync56

    I remember


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  11. Such a beautiful source to allow creativity to flow.

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