Vale Les Murray


That day that comes  has come for Australia’s leading poet and cultural icon Les Murray who died at the age of 80, today 29.4.19, with 30 volumes of poetry to his credit.


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19 responses to “Vale Les Murray

  1. must sadly admit this is the first I’ve heard of him … but loving what I’m reading so thanks heaps for the intro!

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  2. I am sorry for the world’s loss.

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  3. WOW, prolific poet–I salute him from here in the USA.

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  4. We will not see his likes again . . .
    as Les Murray takes his well deserved seat next to Banjo Patterson, to share a yarn with Chips Rafferty, whilst cookin’ some damper
    on the camp fire. Listenin’ intently to Slim Dusty, strummin’ a tune, whilst waitin’ for the billy to boil.

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