Where Has All The Lustre Gone? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Lacklustre – Word of the Day


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Where Has All The Lustre Gone?

There’s a patina of despair
and everyone is jaded,
we’ve been bitten more that twice
by those we’ve elevated,
trust has flown the coop
while ideas cower in darkness
and those with tiny minds,
glove puppets of the bankers,
all come to my house
forever empty handed,
and lately I’ve been
looking for some lustre
but it’s lacking everywhere.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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30 responses to “Where Has All The Lustre Gone? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Here’s to Plenty in Twenty Twenty–more hope, more listening and reflection, more humility and less arrogance.

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  2. A sad state of affairs.

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  3. So well put. We vote, we have hope, but it seems to be a vicious cycle of hope and despair.

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  4. And yet there is sun out there today

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  5. Thank you so much for the lovely poem

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  6. It’s sad, unexpected but true at the same time.

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  7. banks have always been thieves, glad it’s now public but still the pollies, etc lie and cheat and the poor get poorer … great ode!

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  8. Indeed, dearth of luster…I like “Patina of despair”.

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  9. That expressed perfectly those lacklustre days.

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  10. “glove puppets” – an interesting expression that has my mind churning. Makes me think – manipulate them so they don’t know they are being manipulated. Clever and poignant piece, Paul.


  11. Love the rhythm of this poem, and of course, the poem itself. I’m my mind, I call it “Yet another day in the USA…..”

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    • I get that, the stuff we see coming out of your country doesn’t inspire at present, and it used to, my thought is, as it is here, we’re that close to the bottom it can only go up from here. I’m hoping hard.

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  12. lync56

    I can relate to that – well said


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