Late – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Marvelous – Word of the Day

Video: Bunbury Wetland (erroneously called Big Swamp), a lone swan from one of the pairs of Black Swans. There were two cygnets hatched this year, a truly marvellous sight.



We put a fence round Eden with a biodome,
we’re saving seeds in Aleppo and London,
using less plastic
reducing emissions
cloning sheep of all possible things,
nature is stunning
a rich trove of beauty
yet late have we shut that door,
our destructive ways
speak like Narcissus in spades,
Mother is wounded
she’s on the run
with nowhere to turn
nowhere to go,
Nature is stunning
but mammon is pretty,
our bed is made.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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35 responses to “Late – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Thanks for the wonderful poem and video Paul! ❤

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  2. In 2016, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had no idea what Aleppo was. This is the first time I saw it in a poem.

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  3. Such a peaceful moment with the swan. Sadly, we have short sheeted ourselves.

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  4. nailed it Paul, mammon indeed!

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  5. It’s time to visit again! Interestingly it was a local who introduced me to “Big Swamp”. I’ll reference it correctly from now on 🙂
    I still have hope …

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    • Yes, I’m hanging on to hope. The council won’t change the title, but in the research across Australia there are very few actual swamps. A swamp being boggy and draining completely over summer. This one doesn’t, and it behaves exactly like a true wetland. I suspect that councils use the term to diminish the importance of wetlands. Here ends the lecture 🙂

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      • That’s interesting. I often wondered why it was referred to as swamp. It’s just so beautiful!
        I live near Lake Joondalup that sometimes dries in summer but fiercely protected as a Lake. I suspect the environmental department of the nearby university has something to do with it.

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      • That would be true, I worked on the local community committee at Bibra Lake which was underpinned by Murdoch. There is a local committee here and I have friends who are involved and they do such a good job.

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  6. Thank you for a very nice poem, Paul! It seems most humans think as deep as wide they can look, over their own property. Hope there will be a change, very soon. Have a wonderful weekend! Michael

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  7. an urgent wake up call – well said Paul

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  8. MNL

    love the swan video. I’ve only seen white ones before. It’s cool that you’ve gotten to see the two babies too. While there are many trying to keep their footprint small and doing what they can to help nature, I fear your poem is the truth and we may be out of time already

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  9. lync56

    Wow powerful and so well crafted – you should publish



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