That I Should Leave – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Farewells – VJs Weekly Challenge


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That I Should Leave

That I should leave
what is that,
what might it mean?
Do the stars object
or rivers cease their endless flow?
Does the curlew falter in mid call
or the dingo offer a song?
It is a quirk
that life goes on
though not indifferent
to the leaving,
for to leave is to never go,
and to go is to never leave.
In a leaving nothing is lost,
all is re-membered
for we are ever present
to where
and in who we grow.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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31 responses to “That I Should Leave – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Interesting take on leaving. Beautifully written.

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  2. Wow, loved this! The world keeps spinning, and we are forever present…

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  3. So beautiful. “We are ever present” is such a reassuring thought. In his work, Sacred Balance, David Suzuki says that we leave particles of ourselves everywhere. Wonderful, Paul.

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  4. Thank you for a very philosophic and deep digging poem, Paul! Have a beautiful rest of the week. Michael

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  5. You made it sound amazing!

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  6. Real beauty and comfort in your words, Paul.

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  7. This is brilliantly written! Beautiful!❤️


  8. Ennle Madresan

    Incredibly good, Paul–reminded me of the day my dad passed…I was so struck that the sun was shining and traffic sped by on the freeway, just like any other April day, oblivious that a man who’d done his best was gone.


  9. Amy

    Very beautiful, and so true.

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  10. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Very inspiring Paul.
    “we are ever present
    to where
    and in who we grow”
    So much truth in your words.

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