Till Something Resolved – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Till Something Resolved

Screen door squeaked around five
the linoleum worn by his steps
he turned on the radio
music streaming
anonymously to his ears
while he sets to with dinner,
as always, the same simple fare,
and he’d bathe and tend her
feed her with love,
she’d rasp her gratitude,
it’s not what they’d planned,
lost were the card nights
the bar with the boys,
their dates were bedpans,
face washers and pills,
her nights were his nights,
till something resolved.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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51 responses to “Till Something Resolved – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Nice one Paul. We’ll care for each other, until death we do part.

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  2. Thanks a lot for another beautiful creation.

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  3. This is my fear articulated perfectly.

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  4. Very nice and sad too


  5. Very well penned, Paul! 🙂
    This kind of thing goes on far too often in our world.

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  6. a poignant reminder of how life will be if death doesn’t come early …

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  7. Excellent, Paul. I’m always reluctant to use the word “powerful,” but we’re gonna have to in this case.

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  8. This hits close to home, Paul. You have captured the essence of it – how no-one expects it – how relationships change.

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  9. Ennle Madresan

    So heartbreaking–and those who serve in these circumstances, without complaint, are truly noble. I don’t know if you’re writing from personal experience or not…if so, my prayers rise to the Throne. I don’t know which would be worse…to be entirely helpless and alone, at the mercy of strangers, or to be in relationship–watching for subtle signs that one is a burden.

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  10. ilonapulianauskaite

    ❤️touched me

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  11. Something pricked deep inside…very well written!

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  12. Very sad but some unlucky souls have to go through this.
    But it’s the love what makes it bearable.

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  13. Really Awesome post, Paul!!!

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  14. My heart ached while reading this,wonder what’s in store for me at that age.Great one.God bless!!

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  15. But then this is how life is! Poignant.

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  16. lync56

    Oh that is a sad one


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