Anything Else? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Anything Else?

The waiter hovered solicitous
as we divined the menu
a sumptuous poem for the palate,
a veritable bacchanale,
the candle flickered as we talked with passion
reordering our every moment of the day,
we rejoiced in the smells of the jus and the spices
chewing with tender delight
the fat on our lips glistened
while the gravy ran down our chins
we laughed and we sighed
meditating on every morsel and word
forgetting the world
indulging each other
I took your hand
you stroked my ankle
the waiter hovered once more
was there anything else
O yes please,
Oysters, shucked, of course
but at home we had a different feast.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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31 responses to “Anything Else? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Passion perfectly communicated. Sexy too.

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  2. Lovely. Reblogging to my readers at sister site Timeless Wisdoms

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  4. Ennle Madresan

    I’ll have what they’re having 🙂

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  5. A sweet piece that brings back many (under-the-table) fine memories! 🙂

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  6. lync56

    What a beautifully romantic and sensual poem


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