The Bold And The Beautiful – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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The Bold And The Beautiful

Our lives are so overfull with every possible indulgence,
it’s not that we need to choose anything in a broad sense
but we do like to finesse the provenance
of absolutely everything
in our backyard,
there are bullets and bombs
that we acquiesced in our silence,
choices we made for the faceless
without consent,
buying their compliance,
while we simply carry on
the burden of our overload,
did you hear about the kid that stopped the tanks?
Or the woman who shamed the soldiers in the square?
Or the students who put flowers in guns?
Do you know the provenance,
the exact place,
the temp.,
the sugar content,
the weave,
the altitude,
the who,
of the bold and the beautiful?

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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27 responses to “The Bold And The Beautiful – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Power Paul. The questions stir up the conscience

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  2. We need to see the bold and beautiful, indeed!

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  3. Ah, we are all complicit to a degree – not enough focus on the bold and beautiful. So well stated.

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  4. Thought provoking Paul. Let us be bold in making choices.

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  5. Inspiring, Paul! And very insightful too.

    As an American, I cannot but feel the weight of my country’s meddling ways and responsibility for so much of the oppression that goes on in the world today. Sadly, I am not an optimist. I think the Chinese are going to prove even worse in the end. Only the bold and beautiful can make things better. They, and not our governments, are our real hope.

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  6. Wonderful poem, Paul! A little bit sad, but so true. Thank you, and have a nice week! Michael

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  7. Power packed and true!


  8. Thought provoking poem, Paul!

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  9. deeply profound … the blame lies with us, the general public who did nothing!

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  10. lync56

    very well crafted and well said


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  12. I love this as have been faced with the apathy of the ‘overloaded’ and good to be reminded of the actions of some individuals but we have also had the largest and very peaceful demonstration for a people’s vote on Brexit and the funny and satirical posters. There can be anger but also a positive way to show it.


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