To Deliquesce – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Thaw – RDP Thursday




To Deliquesce

We were so very right from opposing views,
and our spines were steel
supports for cantilevered lips
projecting righteous hurt,
and as words settled into silence,
anger cooled as
a blanket of ice
a slippery sheet of layered invective,
woven with anger
and hemmed with shame.
In order to deliquesce,
a hand would be needed
a look given,
a sad smile offered,
a hug shared,
and all would be forgiven
then spring would evolve
fecund from the ground of our pain.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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38 responses to “To Deliquesce – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Wooh!! Powerful and profound !! Raw emotions of ‘cantilevered lips’!!! Admittedly had to refer dictionary for the word deliquesce (thought might be connected to acquiesce.but so wrong) . Perfectly used here.

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  2. What a wonderful post.<3<3<3

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  3. This one packs a punch. Well crafted!

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  4. Ennle Madresan

    Difficult to choose a favorite line in this…I’m constantly stunned by your writing.

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  5. Wow, this is beautifully written!❤️❤️

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  6. A lot of action going on here, the machinations of messy human interactions, captured in fluidity of words. Omanopeia (sp?) going on here also. Nice work, PVC.

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  7. The evolution of a lover’s quarrel eloquently expressed.

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  8. Awwwwww that is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

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  9. Wow! Wonderful poem.

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  10. lync56

    Wow that is an amazing poem


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  11. Often it just takes a little to gain so much … or lose so much. You’ve captured that sentiment, so well. And, I can’t help feeling pensive reading it.

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  12. I love that this poem ended on reconciliation- that it can be possible to come back together after such a blanket of ice descends. Gives me hope 🙂

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  13. That is how it is, mostly! Somehow reminded me of your other poem, ‘Hold me’! Beautifully expressed, Paul.

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  14. Beautifully written😍

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  15. Nice. A kind word or a gesture can surely settle many arguments.

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