The Door Opens (part three) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Part One – How Is It That I Go?

Part Two – The Oracle Warns

Part Three


The Door Opens

Struggling to breathe I
managed to pull the bell rope
unseen eyes upon me,
an eternity passed as
the moon descending accentuated
the cold darkness,
alone, I waited without choice
until the door grill was wrenched
and someone bellowed,
“Who calls on Vendell at this hour?”
I rasped out,
“The Keeper.”
and heard his sharp intake of breath,
“Wait” he said less confidently,
eventually the door opened,
as I crossed the threshold
the door closed
and the air changed again and
I breathed easily once more,
Tarvey remained red
a time for wits was upon me,
the unknown beckoned me to follow,
down darkened hallways.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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56 responses to “The Door Opens (part three) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I’m enjoying your series!

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  2. Here we go! So what lies ahead…

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  3. Yipes! Don’t know how I missed the other two parts, but up to speed now. Very interesting tale. So cool, Tarvey, the stone, gives you warnings, etc.

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  4. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Tarvey remained red, what is down the dark hallways…You have started an intriguing series Paul… I am loving every bit of it.

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  6. Ooh….and down the hallway we go…to discover what awaits!

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  7. A nice mystery series! We’ll be waiting for part 4 to discover what’s inside
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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  8. Thanks a lot for the lovely poem.

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  9. Ennle Madresan


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  10. ooh gripping read, developing nicely … your first series, going for a book?

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  11. Love the path it is taking.

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  12. Lyn CANNON

    Wow the suspense and desire to hear the rest of the adventure


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  14. Such a magical and alluring adventure!😁

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  16. MNL

    I had to go back to read one and two when I saw I hadn’t read three. I love the way the suspense is building.

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