Beautiful Again – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Spray – RDP Monday



Beautiful Again

Bricks thirsty
the building dejected, lonely,
divorced from the life once given
in architectural matrimony
a fidelity now forsaken as
adultery claims newer, younger designs,
so, she tries
and puts on some makeup
over the tired foundation
offending some with her
bold and gaudy style,
while others tut-tut
complaining that she hasn’t
done it right,
too random,
too modern,
some smile warm, welcome smiles
and greet her as an old friend
refreshed, lively, and
beautiful again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: I think I might be alone in the world but I applaud Graffiti, sanctioned or otherwise, I find art anarchy refreshing. But there is a distinction between graffiti and tagging. Tagging is simply names, numbers and codes for those claiming a tag challenge on public property and it is not art, whereas Graffiti is art.



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62 responses to “Beautiful Again – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I definitely agree with the Note

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  2. Agreed. I find it enjoyable.

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  3. Yes, some Graffiti is far superior to “regular art.” 🙂

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  4. Like a Grand Dame, never quite able to hide her age.

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  5. I’m in agreement, definitely art. Great poem; your represented all views very artfully!

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  6. Graffiti and tagging tell someone’s story. Your poem is well written and brings those walls to a place of coming alive with character.

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  7. Such understanding empathy from a man– thank you from all of us mavens!

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  8. I like graffiti for itself, and because it has inspired many murals on otherwise drab buildings (eg. artwork done on grain silos has become a tourist attraction breathing new life into small communities).

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  9. Ennle Madresan

    I love your poem, and agree with you about graffiti art.

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  10. Graffiti may give new life to old structures, but this poem makes graffiti come alive. It’s a beautiful poem.

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  11. Agreed.. By the way lovely poem..

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  12. I personally feel that a proper platform should be provided to these immensely talented artists which otherwise goes unnoticed.

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  13. Have to agree I love graffiti and street art as you may have noticed I use them on my posts but tagging leaves me cold. Clever analogy 🙂

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  14. I admire graffiti too.

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  15. I love grafitti and have seen at least a couple of documentaries on it, one on Banksy (Exit Through the Gift Shop) and one on Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant) . It is a way for the voiceless to have a voice. Sometimes grafitti artists can jump the barrier and become commercialized, which widens their audience — but at what cost? I love to see railcars coming through town with their grafitti. Not as many cars as before, but the art is increasing.

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  16. Paul, I found several of your comments in my spam folder just now. Will try to find them later…

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  17. ilonapulianauskaite

    Good evening, nice poem, thank you for letting it out to the world🤗

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  18. Lyn CANNON

    Wow very well crafted


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  19. This is not a poem, this is a poetic statement. A brilliant exposition for love of art. I love graffiti too but there is a thin line between graffiti and vandalism.
    I love the works of Banksy and watched the documentary ” Exit through the gift shop”. Loved it, Paul.

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  20. Love how you have given graffiti the place it deserves!

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