Mono Tony – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Monotonous – Word of the Day



A grave is a rut with the ends kicked out.” Earl Nightingale

Mono Tony

He left his grey house
and took his grey life
to the grey building
where he worked in a grey office,
and stifled boredom with
the random interference of yawns,
and watching the spinning pinwheel
of death on his screen,
the only colour in his day,
as the computer mimicked his life.
He took dull reports
and dulled them down
with such exquisite precision
into a dull summary
after which he returned to
his grey house and
his grey life,
yearning for colour.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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60 responses to “Mono Tony – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I think I know Mono Tony. I think I may be him some days. Ho Hum.

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  2. “He’s a real nowhere man…” So sad, isn’t it?

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  3. Is that Winter talking. I can’t wait for Spring and the snow and ice to go. I like the tone of the poem…….or do I.

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  4. I doubt that is an unusual occurrence.

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  5. Excellent, Paul!
    Maybe they will bury him in a grey coffin.

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  6. very powerful writing … life is what we make it and if we want to wallow in monotony or misery so be it … I choose colour ❤

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  7. Amy

    yearning for colour, we all do sometimes.

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  8. have you ever seen this? i used to have a small cutout of the article taped up to my cubicle cabinet.

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  9. Ennle Madresan

    Totally Brilliant–you amaze me every time!


  10. Mono Tony – sounds like something my father would come up with. He always called me Abby, Abby Normal, or Maggie – Maggie Mason. Well done, btw.

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  11. That’s a really sad life. Brilliant poem, Paul.

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  12. Poor he.
    You have portrayed daily routine of millions.

    I am sure he can use a pinch of magic and make his gray mono tony in cheerful monotony.

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  13. We all can relate I guess! The monotony is really destructive!
    Thank you for sharing such a piece! 👍

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  14. Awww he definitely needs to be embraced by a warm and colorful hug!😊 ❤️

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  15. Oh so true for so many who lose the colour of being alive and not just living.

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  16. Tony may be very dull but your creativity in this was delicious, Paul! 🙂

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  17. Lyn CANNON

    A depressing truth for some


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  18. I enjoy that your great ideas great thoughts about the good work we are following your blog with great interest and thank you so much we learning so much every day and cyber watching him and listening to blockers all doing the best they can and it is inspiration congratulations love from

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