How Is It That I Go? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

What Do You S




How Is It That I Go?

Portents surrounded my journey
from even before I knew I was going
and how is it
that I go along this road?
I know not.
And always the wind,
ceaseless and cold,
no augury elicited any clarity,
no spell would release my feeling
and no voice would speak
my staff my only guide and comfort
as days turned into weeks
and no soul to be found
even the owls had not come
which left me wondering
what could possibly be my end,
and almost as soon as I’d pondered
the sky cleared a little
revealing Vendell castle,
perhaps now
all would be revealed.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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52 responses to “How Is It That I Go? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Ohhh this is so lovely…😊😊

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  2. nice mystery unfolding, more please sir?

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  3. MNL

    Cool poem. I feel like I fell into the middle of a story.

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  4. Very intriguing keeps us glued till the end.

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  5. I love this but hope it is continued?☺️

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  6. Excellent response to the image Paul. Very well done.

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  7. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Beautiful sentiments flow through this lone journey,
    Vendell Castle, does it have any reference…
    Thank you Paul.

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  8. Nice write Paul! Enjoyed the tale you spun. I love reading work inspired by visual prompts! I also love writing to visual prompts. I did it for many years, participating at the “Magpie Tales” and the “Writer’s Island” sites. They are both gone now, I just discovered Willow Poetry so I am thrilled to be able to respond to visuals again!

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  11. Beautiful construction!


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  13. Lyn CANNON

    Beautiful narrative


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  15. Exciting! I’m eager to read the next few parts!😊

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  17. I just read the entire series – please please continue! xox


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