Never – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Privilege – dVerse Poetics


Cartoon: Kirk Anderson of found out


I walk the streets,
I go into places and spaces,
I talk back
I stand my ground,
I question the police,
I speak a common idiom
and anticipate understanding,
a nod and a wink.
If I raise my voice, I’m assertive,
If I forget my wallet
it’s like, come back tomorrow,
I never have to think of my
colour or gender.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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31 responses to “Never – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Shall I say, you are privileged!

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  2. Well said — these things which are a part and parcel of daily life portray how different social identities are treated in our society. Never having to think about it is the most privileged and convenient thing in this scenario.

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  3. When you never have to think about it… you are usually privileged with a very large glass…

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  4. I always thought that too. Being a woman and capable. Now I do feel it sometimes, being older and in a chair, certain assumptions are always made. At our local grocery there is an employee/man strapped into a chair, so his injury is worse. He always is helpful and has a great smile, friendly personality. It’s these attributes that make the chair disappear.

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  5. you said it, white men have limitless privileges that most take for granted … if I did half those things I’d be a neaurotic pushy 😦

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  6. Lucky you to have such privileges.

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  7. Oh to be a white male. Privilege has its reward.

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  9. Well done! We simply take all these things for granted. Not so with others!

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  10. Excellent Paul! We all need to walk in someone else’s shoes every single day. Most don’t have a clue how it feels to be underprivileged and a minority. It is very sad 😢

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  11. I speak a common idiom – this one touched me the most
    my son is often stopped because of his looks, but when he speaks the lingo with the slang, the policeman becomes friendlier.


  12. lync56



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