Vain Search – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Quest – Word of the Day




Vain Search

The stone will only yield
what was forged in Avalon,
to the one fated of Pendragon,
a precursor to
the vain search for the grail,
a road of bones
and Guinevere’s hand,
who is only
to be shared round a table,
knights ignoble,
courting disaster,
washed in mead,
drifting through Camelot,
I look up as the bus arrives
at the city terminus,
and so my quest begins,
mobile in hand,
wrested from telco,
a precursor to
today’s vain search for purpose.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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29 responses to “Vain Search – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. brings back memories of my recent trip to a foreign land, telco in hand was my constant companion, well written

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  2. lync56

    Very well crafted words – love the image as well

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  3. Nice transition from Camelot to present day.

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  4. Good read, like the picture

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  5. love this blend … hope you found your purpose 😉

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  6. Really nice enjoyed it. The switch to the mundane. Couldn’t follow all allusions but allusion to Camelot enough. Gr8.

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  7. Very moving, and clever, commentary on life!
    And love the picture

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  8. Oh boy, that’s another timely one!

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  9. Ah! From then to now, how our quest remains the same!

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