Selfless Beauty – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo found at (photographer unknown). Elite runner Jaqueline Kiplimo helps disabled Chinese runner (name unknown) to drink while running the Zheng-Kai Marathon in 2010. She stayed with him for some time, costing her first place and the $10,000 prize money. I guess some things are more important than money. There’s something particularly moving about this for me.


Selfless Beauty

the world has, for a time,
taken to staring into its mirror,
but occasionally someone comes along,
and awakens our sense of the other,
like a man washing someone’s feet,
some woman helping lepers,
a sometime president living humbly
in a ramshackle farmhouse,
that fireman giving water
to a stranded koala,
or whoever helped the aged
person carry their groceries,
selfless beauty
that colours every breath.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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55 responses to “Selfless Beauty – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. selfless beauty – that is a rewarding word and state of being. yes that photo and your narrative gives me much hope for humanity – beautiful poem Paul

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  2. She is a great human …. money is not everything , pic is amazingly touching.

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  3. Truly selfless beauty. It is such incidents which restore our faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing this Paul 👍


  4. Gorgeous poem! It touches me deeply.

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  5. Muntazir

    No doubt that picture is really moving. Selfless beaty, indeed! And the verse is just perfect. Bravo!

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  6. Truly selfless! We need more like her in this world.

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  7. I wish we saw more selfless beauty depicted on prime time news, instead of all the ugliness. This is really touching and so well said, Paul.

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  8. MNL

    That’s pretty cool what she did. Most runners would have sped by. Kind of like life and the Good Samaritan story. Pretty cool he’s running too. Both of them have shining spirits.

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  9. I think that moment passed to quickly here in the US today.

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  10. selfless beauty is everywhere if we just take the time to look … thanks for highlighting it in such a spectacular way ❤

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  11. Yes! 🙂 T.S. Eliot was right when he wrote: “Love is most nearly itself when here and now cease to matter.”

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  12. A beautiful poem capturing the positive side of humanity!


  13. Compassion and selflessness is not something I associate with sport, Paul. All the examples you give are very powerful and speak to our humanity. Very uplifting. Real leaders by working toward a stronger, more compassionate community.

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  14. There is so much ugliness in the world that such meaningful moments gives meaning to our lives. Thanks for sharing wonderful poem.

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  16. Such a moving post.Thanks for sharing this with us Paul. Such is the essence of being a human.

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  17. Heartwarming news and a heartwarming poem. Willing is not the same as doing. I never can do. I bow to all those who do.

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  18. Amy

    selfless beauty… so very moving.

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  19. lync56

    So so true and so beautifully crafted in this poem

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  20. Wow… great… isn’t this a time, really to a the mirror not the world but us, and see beyond our eyes, and hidden pains… see beyond our beauty and it’s importance… but to see another human kind within ourselves…


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