The Question – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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The Question

I saw a question
on the side of the road,
a struggling plant,
gasping, calling for water,
and none to be found,
save for the discarded plastic bottle
of nature’s spring water,
resolutely shut,
lying nearby,
and totally unaware
of the gift it withholds,
selfishly smug,
secure in its expense.
Will the plastic ever care,
now that it has so cleverly seduced us
and shut us against our very own life?

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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26 responses to “The Question – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. There is a sad sense of premonition about this poem. I too, have been photographing stray water bottles and feeling the impact of their presence on nature. So well written, right from the opening line you grabbed me.

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  2. Perhaps we should be cast to sea
    To swim amongst the plastic debris
    Ocean creatures to laugh with glee
    Oblivious to our dire pleas

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  3. A sad fact of life. We’re being swallowed by our own creation.

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  4. This is sadly a question we should be thinking seriously about Paul. Glad you shared this. I am sure it will make many think seriously about our reckless attitude.

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  5. powerful environmental statement 😎

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  6. A previous commenter wrote they see this as an environmental statement. We see the issue behind the curtain as “It’s a moral money problem.”

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  7. lync56

    a sad reality said so well


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  8. Appreciation in one small moment is sometimes unseen. Awesome poem of perception.

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  9. Another thought provoking poem. I’ve been learning about “conservation photography”, where you use photography not just to share all the “beautiful things” in nature, but to bring attention to the dangers of not taking care of our Earth. Your poem was a perfect combo of words and visual for me. Thanks!

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