In My Whole – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

What Do You See – Helene Vaillant


In my whole

There are those times,
though fewer than I’d like,
when I ride the thermals to me,
a flight beyond fancy,
wherever that may be and,
to ensconce
in the luxury of my inner world
a vast continent of view
to feel,
to chew,
the thoughts that are so delicious,
to tease the obtuse
and the ever beyond so hard to apprehend
to touch the daily with delight
taking time to reflect
where the jingle jangle is so without
and I am so within
feeling prescient,
inexplicably content,
an infinity,
above these tufts of merengue,
sitting in my old friend
the tree of life as wisdom tree
a wisdom so inarticulate,
other than to say,
I am me,
and here I am,
contentedly content,
in my whole.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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41 responses to “In My Whole – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Best place to be. Reading it I felt uplifted on “thermals” too. Wonderful!

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  2. A blissful feeling! Utter contentment with oneself. Love this!!

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  3. Great take on the photo prompt! I love it too!

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  4. Loved this PV, what a serial image and your verse wrap around it so well.

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  5. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:
    In my whole – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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  6. Reblogging to my sister site Timeless Wisdoms

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  8. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    I journeyed with you in this world Paul. You made it so easy with the movement of your words. Thank you for bringing me within. I so love this line” above these tufts of merengue,”… a delicate imagery.

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  9. Fantastic response Paul, beautifully written, a delightfully dreamy feel to your words.

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  10. that’s the stuff 🙂

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  11. Excellent write! and I love your choice in POV 😉

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  12. lync56

    Wow fantastic


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  14. What a lovely viewpoint on that image, Paul! I really like your take on it. 🙂

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  15. ‘above these tufts of merengue,’…
    Ah, I’m not the only one who liked that cloud description. 😉

    ‘prescient’ – had to look that one up. Kind of like intuition 🙂

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  16. I do look forward to everything you write!

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