If Only – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Quadrille #72 – dversepoets – Steep


Photo: cloud, mist and rain over Bluff Knoll.


If Only

The rise sounds easy,
but the elevation compounds,
and my backpack weighs heavily,
as I clamber and scramble,
shin barked and breathless,
inching towards my goal,
O if only I’d taken the escalator
for this steep ascent,
the office to which I’m bound.

ยฉPaul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


Filed under bush walking, Free Verse, life, Mountaineering, poem

25 responses to “If Only – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Love it. What a surprise . . . to the office!

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  2. I love the twist in this one!!

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  3. Bernie Delaney

    “as I clamber and scramble,
    shin barked and breathless,”
    Great description.

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  4. oh going to work can seem so much harder than actually scaling a mount – beautiful metaphors Paul

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  5. Another beautiful poem. And, I love the play on words especially “office”.

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  6. “shin barked and breathless” – Love that description, and the ending.

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  7. Sometimes one doesn’t know about the elevator until one reaches the top.

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  8. What a poetic way to describe your way to the office! I love it.

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  9. Very moving — it pulled me right in from the beginning. Reminds me of a movie I saw where a man carried a burden and didn’t realize that he can lay it down. Blessings to you, Paul!

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  10. lync56



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  11. Nora

    ‘shin barked and breathless’ is fabulous. I fully expected some mountaineering and a summit – nice turn there!

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