For Any – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Power – Word of the Day



For Any

Gestures of power fall in different ways,
and becomes ways of being,
for good or ill,
either for self,
or, for community,
though neither to judged,
until power is imprisoned
and forced into perversion,
the servitude of the many for the one.
But beauty,
demand more,
they are great equations of true power,
neither for the one or the many,
simply love for any,
in this shared venture we call life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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35 responses to “For Any – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautiful. Nature and love. Very nicely put

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  2. An excellent way to say there are more important things in life than money!

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  3. Beautifully said. And, yes, it is.

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  4. Let me know when you are fed up with summer…we would love to have it back here soon!

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  5. Paul, that poem is a work of art. I found it very moving. May I re-blog it? Regards. Tracy.

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  6. Reblogged this on Reflections of An Untidy Mind and commented:
    I recently read a blog that raised big, important questions around democracy and leadership. These issues are dear to my heart, and I suspect that I may attempt to untangle them in my own mind in the fullness of time. In the interim, here is a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon, that speaks to this matter in ways that I can only aspire to.

    Knowing where we want to go is one thing, knowing how to get there is another. Perhaps the solution is easier than we think? Maybe it has something to do with choice? Ah, choice. Yet another concept that exercises my mind.

    If you haven’t checked out Paul’s poetry, you really should. It is wonderful.

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  7. you are so nailing it!

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  8. lync56

    Beautiful and so true – your words evoke such beautiful images and powerful challenges


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  9. JayParkhe

    The lines “and forced into perversion,
    the servitude of the many for “reverberated well PV! My mentor n Guru stood for Mastery in Servitude Service attitude ..👌🙌👌👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

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