There Is So Much – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Gratitude – Word of the Day



There Is So Much

One bad apple,
just that one negative,
without care,
can take your heart and mind prisoner
forge a wedge against you,
poison your good,
and yet …
there is so much to be thankful for,
the list is eternal,
without end,
ever speaking,
ever healing,
and growing the good your are.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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13 responses to “There Is So Much – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So much wisdom in your words. Sometimes they say it only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest, but rather if we can compost it into something new for the good of all…there is hope.

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  2. Yes the reminder is always appreciated.

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  3. What was left in the bottom of the box? Hope …

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  4. Bernie Delaney

    Very uplifting 🙂

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  5. lync56

    So true – words of wisdom



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