Treasures – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Traditions – Word of the Day






It began with a beginning
as these things often do,
when we made ourselves a something,
from a timeless recipe of note,
with ingredients at random like
a kiss inviting more,
a touch electrifying with longing,
a gaze that touched our soul,
a word that sang our heart,
and folding all with love,
these are the rituals of our sacred trysts,
traditions born of loving,
treasures to be held.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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17 responses to “Treasures – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Great poem; happy new year to you

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  2. Perfectly written❤️

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  3. ah the incurable romantic … may your new year be peaceful and fulfilling 🙂

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  4. Best wishes for the New Year!

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  5. I love this. Happy New Year, Paul.

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  6. lync56

    So beautifully spun words


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