Smile Barista, Smile – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Smile Barista, Smile

we cross the threshold of this cafe again,
and there you are as usual,
never smiling, ever frowning,
the worries of the world on your shoulders,
uncountable problems in your head.
You scowl as you process each order,
and I say to myself,
I bet I can get you to smile.
Yet the wry comments fell flat,
the joke failed,
you fended the compliment with ease,
but I had one ace up my sleeve,
and I played it with kindness,
I cleared our table for you,
and returned our cups to the counter,
now that made you smile.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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34 responses to “Smile Barista, Smile – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. A random act of kindness can go a long way. You’re a sweetheart for giving her a reason to smile.

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  2. A simple act of kindness especially during this season speaks volumes. If only more would follow your example. 💐💐💐

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  3. Yes! It takes almost no effort, and yet … the payment of a smile is the million dollar moment.

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  4. JayParkhe

    I loved it PV. Wonderful Act of Kindness flowing thru your wonderful poetry. Kudos ! Regards. Jay

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  5. Great post! Loved the persistence! So, was this autobiographical? LOL!

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  6. Calling it a day.. and it began here with an appreciative cup of coffee. The very best wishes to you Paul,for another new year!! 😎☕💕 (repeat wishes don’t hurt, even if AOC has said it already)

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  7. JayParkhe

    Smile, Barista..Smile !👏👏👏 At Neuro-marketing level this has a huge Advertising appeal and value. A good Digital marketer csn make this into a YouTube video and make it viral. IMHO get a copyright for the title and this poem ASAP! SINCERELY! warm regards jay

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  8. lync56

    Love it 😀 and so well written


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  9. Nice, Paul! Kindness makes all the difference.

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  10. Wonderful poem. Liked your RAK, and that the barista did too.

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