Jacky Boy Gets In – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Frost – Word of the Day


Photo: unsplash.com


Jacky Boy Gets In

I said that thing,
you know, the thing that shouldn’t be said,
the fast retort,
the smug rejoinder,
the sarcastic defence,
“just like your mother.”
And your lungs collapsed,
your eyes flashed,
Of course I was sorry,
but O so slow to get to it.
And, although it wasn’t winter,
I had invited Jacky Boy once again,
as a frost enveloped us.
The thaw,
though inevitable,
would take some time,
and our memories,
though different,
would retain the sting.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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26 responses to “Jacky Boy Gets In – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. …. frostbite can be painful! Well done.

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  2. Loved the photo. I’m going to look up unsplash for some. Always love the words. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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  3. Perfect metaphor for this phenomena.

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  4. Perfect photo for your poem!

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  5. Excellent title and superb rendering of the phenomenon.

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  6. ouch very well said … we say things rashly in the moment with no real concept of the pain we cause another, especially in relationships … harmful words are rarely forgotten 😦

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  7. Wonderful poem on dynamics.

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  8. The things we say and regret later. Yes, it stays in the memories like a deeply seeded sting.

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  9. yes oh so true and so well craft with your words

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