Window Shopping – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Shopping – 5 Lines





Window Shopping

My father always used to say “You can look, but don’t touch”
and some shops had signs though not of the times,
that said “If you break it it’s yours.”
Window shopping’s a dreamers world, and
you’re not broken but I’d really like to take you home.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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19 responses to “Window Shopping – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Oh, this is amazing Paul.I smile as I read this profound poem.

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  2. Cool piece, Paul! 🙂
    Window shopping is a fine art (for those of us who look but do not touch)! (Some eyes have hands of their own.)

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  3. Paul, this is great. I love the ending! The last line was such a surprise…and beautiful. Thank you. Loved it. ~Debbie

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  4. Love This!! Such a great twist!! Bravo!!! Sadly, it is a dreamers world. Although I have heard of the tactic of the law of large – ask right up front? That takes someone who has an iron jaw! LOL!

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  5. I think most of have heard a parent say the words of your father and I remember the “you break it you bought it” signs. And I admit to having the thoughts of your last line. Great response to the prompt. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. lync56

    Lovely poem


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