True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Madness – 5 Lines


Photo:  a sardine cannery.

For me the photo speaks of work, income, but also of repetition and boredom, if you like – a type of madness.


True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That)

Friends with bipolar are sadly labelled,
eccentrics and the odder ones marked out,
people with causes and passionate views,
madness is none of these discomforting behaviours,
true madness is doing what we always do without thought or heart.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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22 responses to “True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Very well said, Paul.

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  2. I watched women paint on traditional ceramics, they do it in quite a hurry.

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  3. Repetition can be boring but it’s not a killer., Thinking of Sysiphus. Mind you having a mental illness can be,

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  4. or constantly repeating the same mistakes … well said Paul but truth be known we are all maybe a bit crazy 🙂

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  5. your last line is so very profound. we can surely be better than that

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  6. Your last line is probably true and if so there are more who are mad than not. Perhaps madness is a cushion in such a hard existence. Thought-provoking lines. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. lync56

    Interesting take


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  8. Lots to mull on here …. deep thoughts.


  9. CalmKate – everyone’s a bit crazy, so true. Patricia – in thoughtless mind numbing work existence, madness perhaps cushion. Truer. I was happy reading this, for you had me with the words Bipolar friends and thus called out to me.

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