Days Of Chaff

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Days Of Chaff

I remember the morning,
breakfast slow and quiet,
the radio seemed muted and grey,
and the muesli life chaff.
The conversation, a little one-sided,
was uninspiring,
but the day was light, and
work passed for something
to fill the day, with
photocopier conversations,
and ersatz morning tea.
Then home again
to the quiet,
which is fine for a while,
till I think of something to say,
something to share,
a knowing look,
a laugh,
or a tender touch.
I hate it when you’re away,
the days drag
and taste like chaff.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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27 responses to “Days Of Chaff

  1. This reminds me of the John Denver song… Some days are Diamonds …Some days are Stones!

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  2. lync56

    I can really relate to this – words painting a picture of emotions felt when you’re away


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  3. This hits home. So true.

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  4. Hélène Vaillant

    Beautiful image you have created within these words.

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  5. ah you old romantic codger! How sweet … 🙂

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  6. oh I hate days like that too, but the reuniting is so very lovely

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  7. beautiful slice of life poem

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  8. kyleoyier

    Nice blog

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  9. It’s so true, melancholic and touching 🙂 well done 👍!

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  10. Another really great post, Paul!! Loved your three last lines! A perfect capture of being separated from your beloved, even if for a limited time!!
    Bellissimo, Paul, Bellissimo!!

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  11. Such a beautiful portrayal of the yearning of the heart. Loved it.,

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