The Seeds Of Doubt – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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The Seeds Of Doubt

She was,
uncharacteristically late,
there was no sign of her,
no message had been sent.
Normally, which by the way,
is not a helpful word,
she’d be in by 6.oo,
but it was well past 7.30 now.
Perhaps the bus had run late,
or broken down?
Maybe she was with friends
at one of her favourite cafes,
or, maybe …
And so the seeds of doubt crept in,
just like that,
without proper invitation.
Worry turned to blame and
he began to mull and
ruminate, fulminate.
And as the front door opened,
instead of “So glad to see you’re home.”
An accusation leapt from his lips;
“Where have you been?”
The shock of venom repelled her,
and so, the seeds of doubt crept in.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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35 responses to “The Seeds Of Doubt – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Absolutely beautiful, dear Paul Vincent!

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  2. Wonderful poem and story. It happens to me, my words precede my thinking ability.

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  3. Your poem reminds me of the Beatles song, “Don’t Pass Me By” until the end. (Have had the White Album’s 50th Anniversary on the brain all week.) Fear and doubt are the culprits in so many pains in this world. You captured the dynamic of an episode very well.


  4. Been there, done that. So well portrayed, Paul.

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  5. Hélène Vaillant

    Your words’ imagery brought me back to this same scenario in days past. Great descriptive poem Paul.

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  6. so easy to do that … we build up scenarios in our mind that just don’t exist in reality …
    then we spew them out
    and in comes doubt 😦

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  7. Great poem.
    Often people fantasize about something, because reality holds surprises in store. Allegations are always bad, even the confessed concern sometimes. How should one act as a man?

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  8. Excellently put – a mind working overtime.

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  9. Hmmm wow! Deep one indeed. Daily one must uproot those seeds if doubt before they grow into large trees! Blessings and peace!

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  10. So beautifully penned!! Interesting situation?? If there is doubt there is usually a reason. Kind of like someone who is checking under the bed – because he’s been there himself! Ha!!

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  11. lync56

    Sad but powerful poem


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