Shambles Are Chic -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Shambles Are Chic

Shambolic to say the least,
the roast lay frozen on the tray,
at quarter to the hour,
as the vegetables burned,
while we slayed dragons
and messed with each other’s minds,
over more than a pint or two.
The vacuum lay forlorn,
unattended for days,
after striking a peace treaty
with dust and detritus;
and the gravy stains on my shirt
would have to wait yet another day,
as there was book I couldn’t put down,
well two, well yes three.
But then I remembered,
there was no detergent anyway,
and besides, before that,
I really should lower
the leaning tower of pizza in the sink,
before history falls into the bin.
But hey, problem solved,
cept the bin’s so full
it would spew onto the floor!
O chicken and egg,
what a dilemma.
Where to start, where to start?
And then a little familiar thought
formed in my head,
a very comforting thought,
do it tomorrow,
shambles are chic,
besides, there’s a book to read,
now, where did I put it?

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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58 responses to “Shambles Are Chic -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. For those of us who are retired, procrastination is an art form.
    And yes…shambles are chic, anyway….it can wait!

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  2. Hélène Vaillant

    Yes, many more interesting things we can do with our time. Then comes tomorrow and the pile is just a bit higher, dust mites end up in your book…lol

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  3. Thank you for sharing, this article is good, I thank you for sharing!

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  4. Striking a peace treaty with dust. Who can’t relate to that. Loved the poem.

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  5. Reminds me of the merits of “distressed” vintage furniture 🤣

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  6. lol life without Lyn, I can imagine!
    Well written Paul 🙂

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  7. It’s the only way I find anything. 🙂

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  8. This was so cool! You really have a knack for making simples things super engaging with your words. Salute to you!👌


  9. Wow this is incredible! Really powerful, it felt to me like the words tumbled out of your heart onto the page. What a great post. Thanks. (And love the last line. Perfectly wrapped it up.) ~Debbie

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  10. Great meaning ! Thank you.Hi,I have pleasure in nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.No hurry.Take your time.Thank you. Sridhar.

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  11. The interesting thing is, you convey movement and action, even though you are speaking about inertia! How clever you are with words! Love it!

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  12. Oh! and … I want that chair!

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  13. Ahh the procrastinator! 🙂 I loved this, particularly the line “the leaning tower of pizza in the sink”

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  14. You truly made shambles so chic and actually made me feel better!:)

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  15. Haha! The ending though! Lol great piece Paul! Keep it up.

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  16. Ha! Too funny! Well, I’m sure this would not go over well with the ladies in our retirement community! LOL! Well, a lot of the guys too, ex-military! OCD! Bravo!

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  17. Laura Lakoffi

    Lol and relatable. Clutter and mess sabotage my mental health, but I’ve lowered my standards lately with some physical ailments and writing obsession. I live with my teen artist, so that doesn’t help either. We just definitely need notice for company now, but we’d probably just pretend we’re busy or not home anyway…

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  18. ESP

    Good one…the books make everything look chic

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