Under The Lunacy Moon – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Lunacy – Word of the Day


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My mother, and many others, often used that phrase, “It must be a full moon tonight” to explain various odd behaviours which seemed to occur around a full moon. There are lots of urban myths and tall tales, along with superstition, associated with a full moon. In Europe in the Middle Ages the belief persisted in the “lunar lunacy effect” or “Transylvania effect” where at a full moon humans could change/transmogrify into werewolves or vampires. Luna was the the Roman goddess of the moon, and Luna forms the prefix for the word lunatic.

Shakespeare wrote: “It is the very error of the moon. She comes more near the earth than she was wont. And makes men mad.” Othello


Under The Lunacy Moon

Just a little transmogrify,
I’m feeling pleasantly odd,
a little unhinged,
it’s electric,
I’m wild,
please, let me bite you,
a taste so sweet;
my veins are boiling,
let’s run through the streets,
sing anthems and rhymes,
climb a mountain
and howl a rabid canine tune.
Just this one night,
under the lunacy moon.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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62 responses to “Under The Lunacy Moon – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Hélène Vaillant

    I love this Paul.

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  2. Kind of fun to give into lunacy once in a while, I think!

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  3. Love this, Paul. I enjoy a feeling of exhilaration with the full moon.

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  4. It’s the same in our country. They blame the moon for one’s lunacy.

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  5. Oooooo I wanna go!!!! excellent!

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  6. I used to be a werewolf, but I’m alright Nooooow-Ooooooowww.
    That’s what we used to do on full moons, howl until the dogs started up …

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  7. Neat poetry! 🙂 I worked with the multiply handicapped as a teacher… and other staff would often blame “bad behavior” on the full moon. 🙂

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    • Yes, there’s even a process in some police depts to increase patrols around full moons, but there’s no scientific evidence to prove it, in fact the opposite is true, science shows it is imaginative. Thanks for reading and sharing Tom.


  8. Again, another great poem, Paul 🙂 I must say you have a way with words that manages to draw us into your adventures 🙂 Love!

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  9. I so loved this Paul and thanks for sharing that lovely quote from Othello,

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  10. Nasuko

    It is pointed out that Birth and Full moons are relevant,too!! 😀

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  11. If only we could give in to lunacy once in a while! Love this Paul.

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  12. naked of course …
    did child protection work for years … only had one call out not on full moon and only one full moon with no call out … figure that out!

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  13. I love your poem, and also the introduction

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  14. Usually, sometimes earlier I used to get disturbed a lot without any reason, then I see the calendar to check, and always it’s full moon day.

    I have seen many experience this.

    Nowadays I am not that disturbed, so reflecting my mental status, I remain calm even when it is full moon.

    I have heard that during full moon day, whatever we have we can multiply if we do it consciously.
    Like if we meditate we get the results multiplied.

    So, whatever we feel, happy or disturbed , that is enhanced.

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  15. On full moon , the tidal force in oceans increase.
    Our body has 70% water. That’s why moon has an effect on us also.

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  16. Love this. Romantic. Wild. Free. Unhindered. A message on how to live, is what resonates with me.

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