I Might Just Stay Out There – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Ponder – 5 Lines


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I Might Just Stay Out There

I got to thinking but, I let it go and instead, I let my mind wander
to Shangri-La, Asgard, Xanadu, and Kunlun,
such places of beauty that penetrated my heart with a wound of joy,
I’m back now, but I fly out again tonight,
and somedays I imagine I might just stay out there.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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20 responses to “I Might Just Stay Out There – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. A one-way ticket sounds wonderful!

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  2. enjoy but I beg you to return or our hearts will burn …

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  3. I wonder if we could stay in our dreams if they would stay bright or would they fade? Your lines made me ponder. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I wish I knew your secret for wandering to all those places, but my mind, it seems, is rather like a dog with a bone … incapable of letting go. Sigh.

    Love the poem, love the image it evokes.

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  5. I love woods but can’t stay there forever 😦

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  6. Yep, around God’s creations! Where I light to be! ❤

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  7. Our minds always takes some flight of imagination but we all end up landing on the rough turf of the harsh reality


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