An Uncommon Quiet

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Lake Brown, near Nungarin.

An Uncommon Quiet

My peace is layered,
as silence expands into silence,
and my mind,
untroubled in this eden,
sits down to a quietude uncommon
most of the time.
But here it comes quickly,
and with a joy that is worth possessing
at great price,
though it cannot be bought,
only breathed,

©Paul Vincent Cannon



Filed under bush walking, Free Verse, meditation, nature, poem

24 responses to “An Uncommon Quiet

  1. Sometimes the silence of the moment seeps in our soul.

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  2. Not bought, my friend, truly said — but, as truly said, well deserved 😘

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  3. my peace is layered – love this and am feeling it

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  4. another photo and poem that resonate deeply, thanks Paul!

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  5. Nasuko

    Uncommon quiet,it’s good once in a while. 😀

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  6. Loved the theme and the words you used to capture the beauty of silence – quietude!!

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  7. lync56

    So very true wonderful words – How do we integrate this state of mind into everyday life?


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  8. I love this poem. We seem to travel to the same places yet our paths have never crossed!

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