Mr Jangled

Bloodcurdling – Word of the Day



Mr Jangled

Sitting contented,
sipping a mellow red
staring out the window,
as Peer Gynt is coming to apotheosis,
when my senses are rent,
shredded, jangled,
as a bloodcurdling “aaiieee”
pierces the air.
A portent?
I run,
imagining the worst,
apprehensive, heart pumping,
I push through the door,
not knowing what carnage I might find,
and confused,
taking in the incongruous scene,
I burst into laughter,
a spider on the floor,
my wife on a chair,
eyes dilated in terror,
speechless and
pointing a deadly shoe.
The spider released,
whiskey in hand,
some smooth Dianna Krall to
unjangle with.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



Filed under Free Verse, life, nature, poem

20 responses to “Mr Jangled

  1. That used to be me!😧

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  2. I would be right up there on the chair with her!

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  3. there we differ … I would have been offering him a red in the chair next to you!

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  4. My girls think I am a nutcase because I gently let the spider crawl onto a piece of paper and then take it outside and let it crawl off again under a nearby flower or plant. I like spiders. 🕷️

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  5. Haha! This was a good one, Paul.

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  6. lync56

    Hahaha a very familiar scenarios – well crafted with your poetic words


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