Incomparable Nature – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Planted from tube-stock, so quite small, but in this photo twelve months old and tripled in size, and since ten times in size. This is an Isopogon cuneatus (Proteaceae), a low growing plant endemic to Australia – 35 species, of which 27 are found in Western Australia.


Incomparable Nature

Such an extrovert,
you have no shame at all,
always flirting,
so brazenly displaying yourself
for all to see,
disrobing at every turn,
nothing hidden,
plying your natural wiles
as mermaids singing their hypnotic song
drawing me down, down,
to gaze upon your beauty
and stay with you in an eternity
of longing and,
as you hold my every breath,
and steal my eyes and my hours,
my senses are captive
to your incomparable charms.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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32 responses to “Incomparable Nature – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Your poem is captivating! First time I saw that plant.

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  2. way to go .. the love of nature who shares her beauty with no games or wiles 🙂

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  3. Nature bares her soul to us…free of charge…no pretense…so perfect, Paul.
    And the plant is captivating, also!

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  4. Beautiful photo and poem, as ever. ❤️

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  5. Very well written! 🙂 Paul, i sure hope we don’t have to pull you off of that plant!

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  6. i like to read a poem like this , how nature stops us with her beauty and we just have to have a closer look and amazed with how creation works, lovely Paul

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  7. Beautiful for the lovely lady lol 🙂 well done! I love the description and all things pink! Well you know what I mean heh! Blessings!

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  8. lync56

    Beautiful – both the flower and the poem


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  9. Lovely flowers and the poem.

    Liked by 2 people

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