Cafe Prophets

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Cafe Prophets

Like some millenarian sect
we huddled over our espresso,
reading the bitter dregs,
auguries of something dark,
quoting Nietzsche dire,
plotting the world,
tilting at paper windmills,
drinking in the end of all that was nigh.
But the singer interrupted
and set us straight,
upbraiding our naivety,
setting a vision
of worlds yet unseen,
horizons unpassed,
lovers unheld,
life to be lived,
not in chairs
or thaumaturgy,
but in the muck and mess of life
out along the streets.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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19 responses to “Cafe Prophets

  1. Such is the bitter truth of life being told. Very nicely penned, Paul.

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  2. Beautifully written, the prophet would be be proud. 🙏❤

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  3. lync56

    This is another amazing and thought provoking poem


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  4. a more unique take, like the change in tempo!

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  5. A powerful reminder of days past, Paul, when the privilege of youthful innocence and bravado melted to reveal “the muck and mess of life
    out along the streets.”

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  6. MNL

    Reminds me of something I just read recently that the early coffeehouses, because entry was cheap, operated like street universities where people of all classes gathered to exchange opinions, write and read.

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    • Yes I’ve read a similar thing, i wish they were still like that, we’re so individuated now we dare not even look at each other. Thank you for sharing.

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      • MNL

        I agree. When I travel, it seems like random conversations happen all the time with strangers which I quite enjoy. I don’t initiate them tho as I’m a tad on the shy side. At home though, those same random conversations rarely happen which is too bad.

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      • Yes I like that, I’m an initiator, even when I’m on public transport. Such fun. Love the conversations I’ve had. I’m glad you enjoy them too.

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  7. Love it, Paul! Wonderful thoughts, and so true again. Thank you for sharing with us! Michael

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