The Plight Of The Bumble Bee

Emergency – Word of the Day




The Plight Of The Bumble Bee

Carbon sucker punch
with chemical balm,
the bees are bummed,
dropping dead down.
It’s not just the honey,
there’ll be no fruit,
nature’s little cupid is caput,
the bee-eaters are thinning,
a global emergency is upon us now.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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19 responses to “The Plight Of The Bumble Bee

  1. This paints a sad picture of the use of insecticides and harsh chemicals on the flowers and plants.

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  2. It is an emergency, and right on the verge of a catastrophe!

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  3. surely the sign of the times are near – lovely poetry

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  4. Yep, we definitely have fewer bees this spring, Paul. My dog finds them a tasty snack which is depressing for us. Not for him.

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    • Ah yes, the candy treat, dogs do love that, yes I struggle with the fact that govt and commerce were warned about this and yet we’re still persisting with poisoning the globe. Boggles the mind. Thank you.


  5. lync56

    A fantastic poem about such a serious subject – well done in this confronting style


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  6. so tragic, how do we let it come to this … well written Paul!

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  7. A threatening truth packed in beautiful lines.

    best regards

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