One Thing – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Cargotecture – one of many options now coming on-stream across the world, as reported in 2013 Homeless Housing 


One Thing

Wearily he closed the door
and slumped on the floor,
the day had wandered,
and, like a bloodhound,
he knew every pavement
as he walked the daylight away,
just waiting for the night-shelter.
No alcohol allowed,
but that didn’t matter,
nothing could pacify the haunting
that devoured his mind and seared his heart,
diminishing every fibre of him.
The tears no longer came,
he was empty now,
but he had one thing, a calling,
to know the pavements who walked with him.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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13 responses to “One Thing – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Where is this? Strange isn’t it, almost like animal cages.

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  2. Paul could you please tell Vincent I like very much his poems? Thanks 😉

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  3. Powerfully profound, only those who have known these tormented souls so well could see this deep, thanks you PVC … ouch just saw what your initials spelt!

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  4. An excellent poem, miving and sensitively written.

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  5. lync56



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