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If I could kedge your mysterious depths,
that I might navigate safely,
the channels of emotion
that course our veins,
and so, not risk the reefs of disappointment
and wreckage of love.
To fathom your feelings,
to know for sure,
that I am yours.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Kedging is the old art of guiding a sailing ship into bays and channels using a longboat to row ahead and plot a safe course and drop an anchor allowing the ship to pull itself against the anchor and move the course safely. It helped many a tall ship avoid running aground, or hitting a reef. The method is also used to rescue ships that ran aground, technically using the anchor as a lever to pull against, thus setting the ship free.

Gloss T touer.gif





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26 responses to “Knowing

  1. Love the poetry and the beautiful Indian lady in the saree with sweet expression .Thank you for the explanation of kedging

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  2. Love this line…not risk the reefs of disappointment.
    And now I know what kedging means!

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  3. Loved the poetry! Absolutely beautiful!❤️

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  4. love the analogy, photo and poem … you pick great pics 🙂

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  5. JayParkhe

    I learnt a new word PV. I loved it. Can I use this expression in coaching/ mentoring lessons is the thought which crossed my mind. But, before I do that, I thought of writing to you and complimenting and convey thanks for sharing. Regards. Jay

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    • You can, I believe it is already used differently, it certainly makes an interesting point, but I think it carries a great meaning for coaching.

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      • JayParkhe

        Years ago, I took a course called EKS – Energo-Kybernetics System. It used terms from various disciplines as a tool for solving problems e.g. cutting, pruning from horticulture and use it as STOP GO STOP GO – Shrink to Grow business strategies. Dr. Edward De Bono showed the path to lateral thinking. I was thinking in these lines. I loved the word and shared with my mentor this morning. Warm regards. jay

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      • Excellent, thank you for sharing Jay

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  6. That was a nice picture to explain kedging.

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  7. I love it too! Beautifully expressed.

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  8. Nasuko

    Beautiful woman☺️💕🌸

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  9. lync56

    So so beautiful – you are!!


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